Server Reset Times & Decay

Are they ever going to add a server reset notice or standardized times they happen so you have a chance to be somewhere safe when it goes down?

Honestly over the last 3 weeks no day specific the official server I’m on goes down from 20 min to an hour around 815 to 850 PM central.

This game has had so much potential for a while for minor improvements to just make it seem less and more enjoyable but it seems like the devs are like :man_shrugging:t3:.

On top of that the base decay time seems wildly random. Some inactive bases on my server have been there for ages while our clan placing a world map for easy travels gets deleted in 2 days?! And thralls/pets that I’ve never seen a base around in the couple dozen range sit there for eternity and never go away. Honestly there is probably 1000 sprawled across the map taking up space and probably preventing purges for most clans on our server.

And on top of all that after you sit on the load screen of a downed server it gives you the option after 5 minutes to report an issue with the server and if you hit yes this comes up. It’s not even active. I’ve tried Zendesk link 3 times and no response either over the last month.

I can’t be the only ones with these issues with my clan. Do they just not care about these issues that are minor and just keep dropping DLCs instead? Some of these bugs I’ve seen posts going back close to a year and nothing or they keep telling people it was fixed.

I feel FC is not up to task. They choose to let CE reach its current state. They do not fix enough bugs before adding more content. Everything that is added only muddles the code and makes old reports useless. Feels like they either cannot or will not ever fix CE. Inability or choice?