Server restart killed my avatar

Game mode: Online official PC server 1821 PVE-C
Type of issue: Misc bug
Server typePvE-Conflict
Region: US west coast

I was online and got the message the server will restart in 1 minute, so I went inside my base to the second story where I always log out. I was away for approximately 1 hour. I logged back in and I was naked and my inventory was empty and I was at another base that I had bound to. I checked the map to see if I could see a body marker and there was none. I ran back to the base I had logged out at and there was no body, no loot bags nothing. I looked at the logs using all options and there was no indication I had died or why, just all of my items showing as decayed. Since I logged out less than 1 minute before server restart at full health and full food and water in a spot I log out at 90% of the time, there is no reason I would have died. I was wearing a mix of hot and cold armor and there was not and never has been an issue with overheating/freezing in this log out spot.

I have to assume this is a bug that killed my avatar at server reset, as all of my items decayed within the hour.
Here is a SS of the logs -

You can see my position by the map grid coordinates in the bootem left of this SS -

This is the exact spot I logged out

Here is the map -

You could have been killed by another player right? Or sandstorm for some weird reason?

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