Server restart kills a fighter

After the message about restarting the server, I put a fighter to guard. But logging on to the server after the restart found his absence. The event log says that the fighter dies.
I have a question: if the game brings negative emotions, is it worth continuing to play it?
Oficial EU server 1213 PVE-conflict

was it a 40k hp fighter?

Yes, but why should I lose armor, weapons and rare dye, which I no longer have?

you lose it because you obtained something that you are not supposed to have and abused an obvious bug. funcom warned the players to not add any gear on these bosses because they are going to delete them. there were multiple reports about this glitch and funcom fixed it.

next time you will think twice when something is too good to be true or at least seek a confirmation that this is indeed an intended feature.


I do not agree with this false position. And your qualities are not enough to understand why.

i neither agree with narelle, it was impossible to know if normal or not, and by the way i still laugh about the issue of a 40k thrall that you can knock easily even if he has best armor.

Hey there,

We announced on the patch notes both on Testlive and live that there would be a wipe for thralls that were not intended to be knocked out and converted.
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