Server Restart Kills Me While Signed Off in Volcano


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

This has happened many times now and it’s just beyond frustrating at this point. I have a base within the volcano, and before I would only get this problem rarely, now it’s basically a daily occurrence. I sign off within a heat resistant room with witchfire torches and wearing all silent legion armor. My temperature is Hot, and if I sign off and then sign in any time before server restart, I’m alive and well. Once the server restarts however, I sign in naked by my bed and dying of heatstroke.

This bug has lost me so much loot and as much as I’m loving this game, makes me not even want to play until it’s addressed. It happens occasionally to one other on my server (US 1742) who lives in the volcano, but not as regularly as with me.

In case it’s relevant, my base vitality is only 28, bumped up to 30 by the armor. I’m not sure if maybe stats aren’t calculating right on start up? So it assumes I’m naked and just kills me?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Wear Silent Legion Armor
  2. Sign off inside a base within the volcano
  3. Wait till server restarts
  4. Sign back in nude.


this is a BS game breaking issue… at that point, why play… bugs and un-polish is one thing… hours down the drain due to bug is another…