Server restarts over and over since update

Anyone else having an issue with your server restarting over and over when you try to join it since the update? I was able to get on it once for about 2 minutes, then it went down. Now it’s just going down every time I’m loading in. Currently have a case opened with my rental company but it has got to be something with the update or update and mods.

Same thing here, I ja e Xbox one but y ah keeps happening to me. I can play for about 30 minutes tops and than kicks me out :neutral_face:

I can’t even get on the server. As soon as I try to connect, the server bounces.

I’m trying to remove a few mods right now to see if I can find what’s causing it. I figure mods are the issue, but I can’t remove some of these are my buildings will be gone.

Unless the building/placeables mod has a ton of other things that come with it (Conan Sexiles for example), those should be generally okay. Straight Building/Placement mods are generally pretty update safe.

I figured it out, if you have StraysThralls running, you’ll need to uninstall it until it is updated. It is causing the server to reset when you try to join. Others have reported this problem. I removed it and BAM, working. Hope this helps someone.

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