Server run on PC Guide?


I’m looking to set up a server run off my PC for just a few friends to avoid that absolutely stupid tethering thing, but I don’t know how to go about it. I’m aiming to have just maybe 3 friends on it + be able to join myself from the same PC the server is run on. Does anyone know how to do this, or if there’s a guide for it? I found the main website explanation, but its rather…empty.


I already have a world I want to use too, so if it’s possible to carry that data over (we’ve been playing on it for a day or so), that’d also be really cool.


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Drach beat me to it.

But yeah, also consider your PC specs. I considered running it off my main machine until after a bit of research decided against it and just repurposed an old work PC to do the job.


Hello and thank you for the replies!

Is that method above different from the built in co-op method, performance wise? If not, then I think it should be fine, because there were no performance problems via co-op. If it’s not the same, would it perform right with about 5 total players on these specs?

RTX 2060 KO Super
16GB 3200mhz
(also got really, really good internet)

I’m about to sit down and read it [the guide] though, since it is a bit lengthy.

Ah, I see! So there should be a significant performance drop this method then. Alright. Well, at least worth trying I guess. Thanks so much guys! :slight_smile:

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