Server setting description

I am looking for a new server to play on, but am having a hard time to find the setting I am looking for: the turned off decay.
If I refer to the description of an official server, there is no mention of the 10 day decay. But, what about the servers which turned it off, is it specified in the description somehow?
I am getting tired of having to create a new character each time, to farm components and to build a few pieces just to see if the decay is activated or not. Any help you could provide to help me understand the server settings before entering the server would be highly appreciated.
PS: I tried typing “no decay” in the search bar, but so far, had no luck because those servers also set the “Nothing is dropped on death”. I am looking for a PvE server in which “All inventories are dropped on death” + decay turned off

Example of the server setting description of an official server:


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