Server Setting Question regarding decayed properties

Hello fellow Exiles:

My server with various mods, used to be a PvE-Conflict Server but recently changed to a PvE server.

One of the players on the server noticed that when he tried destroying decayed properties such as Fire Cauldron, it will drop a loot bag but it is not loot-able. I was not able to loot the bag either in Admin form.

I am not sure if I messed up the settings along the way or PvE type servers, you are not able to obtain loot from destroying decayed properties.

While this has minimal effect on game play itself, we would like to get the game to work the same as before if possible.

Thank you for your assistance in my query.

Sir Henry Vale
3001 Ways to Die Senior Administrator

Hey !
I am not sure if this is link to the “no container ownership” option but in case of… what is your setting regarding this ?

ContainersIgnoreOwnership is on.

It is a PVE-setting that lootbags from decayed bases are inaccessible. And it lead to much controversal discussion, one you’ll find here:

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Thanks for the information.

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