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Quick question for the experts.

I rent a server and have been playing with friends for a month or so and everything is great. the only issue we/I have is food and other things with expiration timers run really fast when not present on the server or in constant contact with the container. I.E. food in a oven or campfire while present will expire at its normal rate but if I log out for a few hours it will all or most all of it will have spoiled. I thought i had the setting for spoilage turned to the lowest possible rate but i am stummped at what to do.

Another example. I bought rocknose eggs to set up some rocknoses for gold and silver farming, the eggs have a 24 hour expiration timer i believe, i put them in the compost bin to lower the timer and it goes to 8 hours or whatever it goes to. Now if you sit there in the compost bin inventory the timer counts down in real time. But when we run away from the compost bin to say our animal pens which are just a short distance away for maybe 2 min total time and back to the compost bin 2 or more hours will have ran by on the expiration timer. we could do this a few times and the timer will run its course and the eggs will have hatched. It makes some things really difficult in game and i would like to get the settings correct to remedy this.

I have the Item Spoil Rate Scale setting set to 1 wich is the lowest i can have it set but that does not seem to be the issue. any help resolving this issue would be appreciated.

For food you can craft a Preservation box if you’re lvl 43 or lvl 55 for the advanced one. It stops decay for any item put inside if there’s at least 1 Ice inside.

Yeah, we have plenty of preservation boxes, it just seems there is some server setting that is messed up when a 8 hour expiration timer expires in less than 10 min game time.

Have you tried turning the setting up? I’m not 100% sure, but I know some of the settings when at a lower number, cause things to happen faster. Such as the crafting timers. 0.1 is faster than 1, as it crafts at 10% of the speed it would normally require (I think). I could be wrong, but it may be worth trying.

I would be awesome if there was an in depth guide to server settings (perhaps there is and I haven’t found it yet).

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