Server setting to prevent obelisk builders?

Is there a server setting folks have identified like massively increasing player owned radius that can prevent building at an obelisk? For example does increasing the player claimed land radius bump them back from defined no build areas in game?? Thanks

No, land claim won’t influence map build boundaries.

If you are the admin, best thing is to build on ones side of obbie yourself, and mark as Do Not Destroy. This will land claim enough of the obbi to not be blocked.

Thanks the quick reply, that’s a bummer. So there is no good way to modify in those game boundaries via settings?

Best thing to do is ban all trolls that decide to block obelisks. It how the majority of us deal with them… Although Funcom could try… is to give us a purge like that does route A to B and attack anything that obstruction their route… as in they do 5x more damage to structures… and then resume path… assuming that there a npc camp nearby…

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What if obelisks had a failsafe that mapped out walling and destroyed it? Basically if it could not trace a clear path, it would make one. Maybe have it not only delete a path but all objects linked to said wall.

Tbh this is one reason the game needs more clean up mechanics. Especially for PvE.


If there is no direct path in or out of obelisk, obelisk charges up like an Obelisk of Nod, and laser beams a path out.

That’s a solution that’s cool both mechanically and lore wise.

It works in favor of public maprooms, but dissuades blocking. That’s a brilliant solution actually.


Good idea for a mod perhaps :smiley:

Its a solution modded servers typically don’t have a problem with.

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Or official PvE servers.
Right now I build anti-griefing volumes around Obilisks in addition to my public maproom… but I know one day some really really bored person is going to build a crenelated wall of china around an obilisk. It’s just a matter of bad luck and time. Admittedly that bored person is going to be even more bored when nobody really gives a shyte playing other games meanwhile, but still.

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