Server Settings - Cannot Adjust Video Setting

As in the description, once the server is set to Fullsceen, it cannot be changed to Windowed or Window Fullscreen. Once exited, the settings revert back to their previous setting (no change). When opened again, the original setting is displayed (no change).

This is just another example of the settings not retaining their changes.

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Settings are screwed up actually, and i hope they will quickly look at it.

Especially for testing it’s very bad.
I can’t alter nearly no settings. While i test mostly with default settings, some like purge-settings are fine when can be altered for tests. It’s long and tiresome to trigger them alone in default settings.
And to be sure if one purge work at a specific location, you need be able to trigger different, no just one from time to time.

Also hunger/thist still reset to default to me, so do fight and mostly all.

So yes, please, this is important for tests !

Sending the feedback to our team. Thanks :wink:

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