Server settings: Large values are cut at the period between the thousand and hundred digit, and missing option to directly enter values

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug, Misc
Region: No specific region

This problem seems to occur on settings with a very high value (1k+). I’m not sure whether this counts for every version of Conan Exiles, but I’m playing the German version, and the number is cut off at the first period (i. e. a value of 333.333 is capped to 333, and the default of 42.■■■ is set to 42 instead).
This could be a problem with incorrectly interpreting the numbers entered in such fields and points to the current locale being applied incorrectly or not at all or even checking for numeric characters only.

As an extension, it would be nice to add an option to enter any values directly, because the sliders have a suboptimal granularity at best (e. g. the triggering threshold for the Purge - its granularity is 333k so if you are on Singleplayer you could possibly wait for ages for the Purge to trigger, or if you get the value way too low, it is initiated prematurely, that is, before you are ready to properly defend against it.

As a workaround to the threshold being capped, the Purge needs to be disabled altogether until you reach a certain level that allows you to survive the attack - and then reenable it once you have reached that. However, that’s suboptimal at best.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start a new game or try to change the settings for the Purge
  2. Choose an arbitrary threshold for the Purge to start
  3. Start the game or apply the settings in an ongoing game
  4. Return to the Settings screen (Purge tab) - the threshold has been capped to a significantly lower level.

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