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Server settings won’t save. There is some solutions in those topics but none of them are solving nothing but those that can be altered from the game as admin. How about settings that can be altered only from g-portal? I would like to change deathdrop settings. I want to keep equipped items and wheel items but drop backpack items for partially preventing death teleporting. I want to set stamina cost to 0,8 but game allows me to change it to 0,1, 0,5, 0,6, 1,1…

Other thing that troubles me is that offline performance is completely unplayable. If I want to play as single player i need to buy 20 slots from g-portal to get playable performance and still i’m finding myself to fight with all these bugs. Bought server yesterday morning, haven’t done anything but fighting against bugs of all trades.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @azzpizzer, thank you for getting in touch!

Could you please elaborate which server settings are giving you issues?
Is this in Single Player, Online or both?

In regards to performance, are you stating that you’re unable to play in Single Player mode without going through performance issues?

Multiplayer. I can change settings as admin from server settings and allmost nothing from g-portal settings like deathdrop settings, damage multiplyer, stamina cost, crafting time multiplyer… I think food and water efectiveness are only things that can be changed but thirst and hunger settings won’t change.

Offline game are fine for start but performance is getting unplayable after building something and adding thralls.

Also I just find out that i can’t explode meteors and harvest star metal.

There are several settings available from g-portal, which you can check out here.

You’ll also need to be sure that you save the settings after changing any of them in the g-portal site.

Regarding performance, could you quantify how much you’ve built and placed when the performance began to tank? A screenshot would be helpful as well.

Yes i saved them


More bugs comes around every corner. i had temple on ymir right there, when upgraded to T3, it vanished and priest with it.

I tried to “delete all savegames” and “reinstal server” and most settings are saved. I can’t change dearhdrop settings to keep equipped items and items in wheel and drop items in backpack to avoid suicide teleporting.

you can save settings?? lol Im an idiot.

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