Server Setup Question Regarding LAN and Internet Connections for CE



I’m not too learned on this but can I connect via LAN to a locally hosted server on a dedicated machine that others are connected to via the internet or can it only be configured one way or the other?

I’ve yet to finagle with the software but it’d be great to know beforehand.


a. Set up your server, and test it thoroughly on your local network. It’s pretty cool to play at your own network with a bunch of friends or conscripts, and it gets you used to internal admin, plus luxury framerates and responsiveness.
b. Open your pinholes to the outside world.
c. Connect to the server as usual. Nothing should change from your perspective – I connect using “Favorites.”
This thread has loads of information to help you get started. Let me know what you end up doing!


Why thank you, I’ve been planning to put a separate system together just for this as I’d like higher performance, both locally and server-side.

Very good to know and thank you for the link.

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