Server Suggestions

I’ve looked at the Server Recruitment section and I wish it was categorized.

Can you all list me PVE-C and no R.P.'s?

For P.C.

American servers

List of mods I’m looking for:

Age of Calamitous
Exiled Lands Improved
Build Anywhere
Less Restrictions
Pickup +
Pippi Server Management
Glass Construction & More
Possibly Level 300?

I don’t wanna level up too fast. Crafting should be at X3.

Some servers won’t let you dual wield axes and sword right off the bat.
I want to duel wield soon as I unlock them.

I’ve been looking for the right server for quite sometime now.
I’d like to PVP only on the weekends and have a Purge meter.

Can y’all help me with this?


I co-admin a server called Crom’s Crib Weekend raiding. It’s east coast pvp with many of those mods, but not calamitous. Building damage only on Saturday and Sunday.

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