Server Times for US?!

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I have a private server from GPortal and the PvP Building Start Time/End Weekday/Weekend does not seem to work properly at all. I currently have my server set to 3:30pm start pvp time, end at 11:30pm. It’s currently 8:30pm in North Carolina… and I don’t seem to be able to hit any buildings. Note: Can damage structures IS checked, everything works fine when I turn time restriction off… LA is not 5 hours behind… what’s happening? Am I missing something? Sounds like a bug to me.

ALSO. If we could get server time printed at the bottom of the pause menu, considering the number of regions served with time restricted activity… you’d think that would be like, relevant information. tHaNkS BrAiNiAcS

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Try this…

Do something that shows up in your activity log (main menu option) - like removing fish from a trap or something. That should give you a time when you did it - that time should be ‘server time’ and what you can use to gage when siege time is.

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