Server Tracking

Since you have taken away the ability to have servers tracked by websites like topconanservers,, and battlemetrics (where most all players go to find a server they like) are you going to refund all the money server owners spent on those websites to get the perks and special features?
Or will you be re-instated soon?
I’m honestly hoping it was an unintended bug and will be fixed soon.

Those sites relied on Steam’s system, and since Funcom isn’t using Steam’s system anymore, I don’t see a way for them to make it work anymore :frowning:

I used battlemetrics to seek good servers but unfortunately that won’t be possible anymore

Its also taken away the one last way we had to track exploiters and cheaters, etc… by getting their steam names.

Now there is zero way to track or get info of to report. Cant name them in the forums…almost like Funcoms stance is to protect the identity of said cheaters.

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Server administrators can currently enable the Steam query port. Funcom has enabled FLS by default, which does not work now, WTF Funcom?

Sad state at the moment. Hope it gets fixed, or FUNCOM steps up and says something official about it at least

More than one week has passed since patch june 16th and Funcom (Tencent) hasnt replied to any of our topics claiming a solution to the problems caused by that patch.
The only way to fix all the mess created is to roll the game back to before june 16th, it CAN BE DONE, they just hve to WANT TO DO IT.

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