Server transfer bug skillpoints

Game mode: Online official

Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: NO
Edition: Steam

After the server transfer to Isle of Siptah , the server crashed. I had to start again to level up. When resetting the skillpoints I noticed that I had WAY too many skillpoints available.

My server is #6430

After a few minutes there is a notice, that my skillpoints are way higher than my level and they get reset by the system.

On level 60 now I have 779 skillpoints available, instead of 390 which should be the maximum

Expected Behavior:

I didn’t expect to have to start all over again. Complete journey and level process.

Steps to Reproduce:

See the description

  1. Server transfer
  2. I logged in - just saw my weapon flying around, no character visible
  3. #6430 crashed
  4. I started again at Level 1, no journey goals
  5. Normal level process
  6. Reset my skillpoints

Sadly, as a new user, I can’t upload any images, otherwise I would have provided the necessary proof.

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