Server transfer delayed by 14 days why?

Initially on 1506 we got the notice that we were being server transferred on March 21st or near that. now the notice says April 4th. I have not read anywhere that there was a delay. If there is notice of delay then can someone point me to it?

So tack on another 14 days past the initial period whichi is about a month and we have 6 weeks of no play with the characters that are being force transferred. And it seems the push back date was stealth implemented.

After killing all play and player development on 1506 for almost a month now we get this on top. I tell you no good deed gets unpunished with funcom.

Optically this server transfer is looking unprofessional. I would suggest letting people transfer now with no penalties to encumbrance since you have been messing with their game play for the last 3-4 weeks and you then push them back a further two weeks ontop.

This just adds another section in the book of how not to treat you player base. - online community devlopement 101.


FC has a great Game here, with so much potential. But they always manage to kick in players Face with bad decisions, ridiculous bugs and lack of content.
It would have been the better choice, to say, we merge Servers. You have ( Time X) to transfer your Charakter without Encumbrance-Penalty to the Target-Server.
Now you have only the Options, to Start over new and/or renounce a large part of your Worker-Thralls, Resources etc. or you sit and wait if Funcom manage somedays to Transfer my Character to the new Server.
If I were Tencent, I would have dismissed some Officials from FC long time ago.
At this time, as a Funcom-Customer, I feel fooled from this Company.


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