Server transfer killing game?

Allowing server transfers from Siptah seems like a game-killing error on Funcom’s part. It allows large clans the capacity to transfer to to Exiles servers with OP gear, and wipe the server of all players, and seems the new meta. Just happened to the server I am on, the invading clan scouted the server first, then arrived in force loaded with bombs and proceed to take out every major clan with ease, because their equipment was OP. Their stated intention was to leave nothing in their wake, destroying everything on the server, noobs included. It caused two people who had just bought the game to quit the game in disgust, and most others to abandon it.

It seems that if a large clan wipes a server and makes that server their home base, then they can make it their exclusive server by immediately killing all newcomers before they can establish, then raid other servers with impunity, looting them and returning to their home server before striking out to raid another bringing literally thousands of bombs.

That’s not particularly fun for their victims, and if it happens a couple of times, then interest is lost and the player population declines, keep it up long enough and the game is dead. What with Funcom’s inability or unwillingness to control hackers and cheaters, adding this creates an untenable gaming environment, especially given the insulting chat dialogues common to that type of player. The environment has grown exceedingly toxic, and the game is growing less worth playing.

I mean, I’m okay with raiding within the limits of reasonably fair fights, but the new meta is just completely unbalanced. There is no real way to fight a large clan with OP Siptah gear unless you have similar gear and similar numbers.

So fair warning, Funcom, deal with this issue soon before it kills the game.


It sounds like you are complaining about large clans in general. You can just as easily build up on a dead server and bring everything you’ll need to any other server. If it comes down to siptah then just buy it. Last I checked it was $20 not to crazy if a price

I think it is an issue in that you don’t know what server they came from with the one or two clan members or another account they are using to hold down the home clan base where all the resources are coming from. You know the resources you can’t raid to stop the next influx come from it as you don’t know where to look in a vast sea of servers . I mean it is not like you only have one map to search to find them now.

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You forgot in your essay that other large clans can also go to this clans home server… there are more then just 1 big clan out there and they will end up fighting eachother sooner or later

Well it’s not like I didn’t call it when they proposed it. So here is the deal. Siptah is just a catalyst, the issue is the ease on how large clans that have inter-server relationships can move in and wipe. But in all fairness, doing it without transfer only delays the destruction by about 3 days. Like locusts, they will come in and sweep everything. You gotta play smart and have hidden caches. They clearly told you all what they are doing so stash and log off. Don’t give them the the enjoyment of the fight. They will leave in about 3 weeks and decay after the following week. The server will be refreshed and you find the stash and continue on. It sucks but there is really no good way to police locusts from coming in. and the extra bonuses on siptah weapons aren’t going to change the tides of the battle if a clan of 10 can wipe the entire server combined. No offense, but you all weren’t ready to war like that. This is a problem with online survival games period.

Personally I detest what server transferring has done to the game and like others I have partook in it and seen the results, we farm on siptah for awhile and then transfer to exiled lands and completely wreck the players and clans on exiled lands which leads to servers dying and that’s not good for the health of the game.

Siptah’s weapons are much stronger than the exiled lands and personally i feel they need to prevent you from being allowed to travel with Eldarium and the weapons in general unless they’ve given a proper balancing pass to put them in line with the exiled lands weapons or buff the exiled lands weapons to give clans who don’t have 20 odd alt accounts a fair fight.

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There was a thread here on the forums right before they implemented server travel.

A lot players have warned Funcom, that travel should only happen naked.

Funcom knew it better and didn’t listen.

Now let them face the consequences. But they don’t care anyways, because the larger, DLC buying playerbase is playing Singleplayer/PvE/RP. So nothing to lose, right? :slight_smile:

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