Server Transfer notification

I would like to include an automatic server notice notification in the message of the day (list) for 7 days for any character entering or leaving a server via the server transfer. This will prevent people from just sneaking into a server.

What purpose does this serve exactly? You can watch logins with ~ as it is.

Only if you are online. I want it known to all that someone has entered into the server or left the server vs all of us guessing. Consider it a negative to server hopping.

If you’re that hard up for it log out and stay in server list then when you log in next you’ll see the activity for the period you were gone.

I don’t see this actually benefiting people at all.

Knowing who comes in and out definitely comes in handy when assessing the playing field for PVP. For PVE? Maybe not. But I could come and build up without anyone knowing. If it was announced, then people would be on gaurd and scouting for this new threat.

Agreed but plastered on the MOTD? No lol

Just use the tools you currently have. Scout, watch logins, watch chatter in global, talk to connections or allies, get prepped and ready to strike or retaliate.

Consoles dont have global coms. We only get what is available online and the events log which is mostly blind…well instead of MOTD, maybe an Event log note.

Then it should be a console only thing and to keep it fair there should be a notification for every single entry and exit.

All this is doing is singling out people.

Correction…singling out new people in the server that are leveled to some degree outside the normal play on that server. When you see a person come on before server transfers you got a few days to evaluate before they actually became a threat. Now…Thanos and crew can come in instantly and set up shop, zerging the server wtithout the leveling time.

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