Server transfer questions

So I was thinking of transferring to another server, possibly a private server. I read through the transfer guide thread (mostly) but I didn’t see a few things I have questions on.

  1. if I transfer, to a server with a clan mate, re-establish a clan but have old clan mates in the old server, can I transfer back-and-forth being re-added to the clan to move more items?

  2. I assume so for this one but want to make sure…i keep the recipes I’ve learned, right? Since those translate into feats

  3. it said PVP has a cool down of 3 days and PVE has a 1 day cool down. What about PVE-C?

1- That is correct. As long as someone from the old clan is on that server, then you’re golden.

2-Correct, with one caveat: Do not, under any circumstances, use a Yellow Lotus potion. At the moment, it’s bugged and can/will erase all feats, including those gained from scrolls/locations

3-I haven’t tested it, so I’m not sure. Someone else may have an answer for you. Sorry I couldn’t be more assistance in this one.

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Nope… in their transferring rules they specify that u can take ur character in a private server from an official , but never other way around…

There is a workaround to do this. But i guess the private server admin needs to agreel

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Alright, cool. That helps a lot

Yeah, I do remember reading that now. That’s OK I guess. Thanks for th info

OK, another question…if I paid for my own private server and did the EL map, can I admin in Siptah items?

If u own the dlc yes

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Awesome. Thank you all for the help!


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