Server Transfer - What does "temporary disabled mean"?


Is it possible to bring back servers transfers before this week end?

I have to escape my server fast :slight_smile:


Quick question, whats up with your 637.47.21 hours cool down timer, i just tried upload char!

See Temporary increase in Character Transfer cooldown durations

oohh okay, thank you, just read the linked post, it does not explain tho, if the option is added for people to rejoin their friends that there is a 30 day cooldown, let my people go ( home )

See @Ignasi response here: Character transfer coming back :) - #8 by Ignasi

Hello Ignasi,

Any news for the come back of servers transfers?
Do you fix the issue?

We are waiting! thanks.

Well, disabling the character transfer cost me a character, because due to this I was unable to get him from a private server that its owner no longer wanted to pay for…

Hi @Selene01

Currently we have no new updates regarding this topic.
As soon as we have new information we will be posting it on the forums.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Someone at Funcom finally decided to play both maps and realize that siptah weapons are much stronger :rofl:
Now we are awaiting the patch that will nerf all siptah weapons :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Sorry guys this one was too easy :slight_smile: )

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
But we all know, there is always such a probability. And it would be the most stupid “solution”…

Some people here have already proposed to transfer PVP chars with no inventory items, to prevent crafting and repairing Siptah weapons and gear in Exiled lands. It’s a good idea :slight_smile:

  • Everyone can go to siptah to take the recipes of armors and weapons and come back to EL.

  • A little better weapons and armor do not change anything, because the fighter thrall do all the job.

So … where is the problem?

Generally I agree, especially about good thralls :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • Anyway, if they did it, then the problem somehow arose. Maybe there were lots of complaints or smth. else.
  • Depends on players who handle the item :smiley:
    “a little better” stats are nothing for a noob, little better for an average player, considerably better for a good & experienced player, and overpowered for a skilled one. But, this is common for all games (and reality too :smiley: )

They stop servers transfers, but it is not for weapons or amror stats.

It is not an exploit too, else we already see it on youtube.

I think it is more a problem about servers stability, databases or issues like the lose of all inventory after transfer. Something like this.

Only the lucky elite who actually own siptah! Did you miss that whole argument when it was flaming all over the forum? (Note: I was just making a joke. I really don’t want to start this discussion :slight_smile: )

Yeah maybe something as simple as characters not being deleted when you leave the server, so the database keeps growing to unhealthy levels. I can’t be surprised by anything anymore

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10 days and counting, if they arent looking at our requests, reports, or comments or the bugs, what are they doing, please give a deadline, i bought a second conan just to transfer, and until now it have been a waste of money, please activate transfer thx:)

I think it is a technical problem on the servers.

So can we please get servers transfers back for this week end? :slight_smile:

Lol you know they have issues now because they rushed it the first time… are you really sure you want them to rush again? :slight_smile:

From Siptah recipes is no sense if you not have eldarium.Almost all craft need them.
Fighter thralls already nerfed.Maybe yours do all job-but i do most by myself.And Siptah items let me create much stronger build.
And finally about reason to stop server transfers.I read bit before about bug or exploit wich make character copies when transfering.You use one character-but can send him to many servers with the same stuff.

@Dana @Ignasi This 30 day transfer increase is ridiculous! I would have been able to transferred back to my home server from my current Siptah server before the new increase was put into place. So I’ve patiently waited two weeks so I could finally transfer back to my home server today to get this!
Are you Kidding me? The 30 day timer reset without actually letting me transfer back to my home server! Please help me! I just want to get back to my home server and so I can ride this absurd server transfer dumpster fire out.

Now it says this. What does this even mean?

Changes each time

If you transfer back to exiled lands with 100 armor scraps in your inventory that equals 500 Eldarium bars. So you can craft for a long time.