Server transferring with items is a huge mistake.(PvP Servers)

The closer we are getting to full siptah release the more worried I am that this isn’t getting enough attention to the developers.

Official PvP servers 100000000% do not need people transferring in and out with full bodies of loot. Especially between Siptah and Exile Lands. Now I know what you’re thinking “But SprintattackPOG what about moving to Siptah to Farm gold and Eldarium and moving back”

One good thing does not outweigh the bad. Not to mention Having Siptah weapons and sigils on Exile Lands would completely throw off any form of balance.

@Ignasis @AndyB pls help


Have they even fully decided how this will be implemented yet?

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no just that you will be able to transfer with a full inventory and i just pray that u cant transfer items between pvp servers

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Server jumpers would still be able to bring only their inventory with them, not their bases (although they could pick up some workstations) or leveled-up followers. So they’d still be at a considerable disadvantage on their new home server while building up their defenses, giving the old inhabitants an opportunity to slay them and loot whatever valuables they brought along.

Also note that whatever they’re bringing along, they will have gathered on a PvP server, so it’s not like they can farm peacefully on a private server until they own the whole world, pack it all into their backpacks, and then hop.

If there is a balancing factor I’d like to see, it’s that you can’t server-transfer while over-encumbered. This would prevent crafting tens of thousands of building pieces and then plopping a Daern’s Instant Fortress onto the new server.


There’s nothing wrong with players transfering with items. As long as anyone can do it, I don’t see the problem.
PvP servers can get really toxic and players should have the option to opt out by moving to another server WITH loot. Saying that people shouldn’t be able to run with loot to other servers is telling people how to play the game and seems a bit elitist in my opinion.
Please stop talking for the entire community on this matter. I, for one, wish for server transfers with items and I think it will be a fun way to engage with the game maps. I’m sure the world is not going to end.


yeah super great idea to allow pvp servers transferring items.

Farm on dead official > take your pick of 900 > transfer to populated server with items to build base, craft gods and god bubbles.

Those people wouldn’t be able to do it on populated servers as easy because they would be contested. Not to mention it gives hackers an easier time to abuse servers since they wont need to farm on every server. they can just transfer a gear set and begin killing people from 30 foundations away and speed hacking.

yup great idea to me.


hacker - “a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.”
Please learn the meaning of words before using them. It makes your post hard to read/understand. If you’re refering to cheaters/exploiters I’m sure they won’t need server transfers to wipe you. Furthermore, there’s alot of fixes in place to counter that type of gameplay behaviour (cheating, exploiting).
Server transfers will apply as a general rule and anyone would be able to do it.

That seems like a smart way to use server transfers. It’s a feature that will be available to everyone, and I fail to see your point other than a personal crusade that leads nowhere.

It locks like a new pvp toy for the big clans to walk around and wipe all the servers and not usefull for small clans and spec solo players.

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Any raid materials shouldn’t be transferable. That would include:

Dragon Powder, Explosive Jars, Trebuchet Projectiles (stones and explosives), any orbs, god tokens, explosive/gas arrows.


people who use speed hacks and the like aren’t exploiting tho they’re not abusing in game mechanics. Thus why they’re called hackers.

Of course hackers don’t need server transfers to wipe bases but server transfers sure make it 100x easier for them. Try playing pvp servers before commenting next time


that would help to an extent.

oh no, I am a hacker because I am using my computer to raid other peoples bases and gain unauthorized access to their data and steal it (items/loot).

This is a pretty bad definition :smiley:


But the clans on that populated server will already have built their bases and stockpiled on materials. The newcomers would be at a disadvantage. If the existing players aren’t vigilant and keep an eye out for new players on their server, they kinda deserve a harsh wake-up call.

I feel the matter of exploiters and speed hackers is irrelevant to this discussion. Cheaters will always have an unfair advantage, but ideally, game developers should prevent cheating, rather than design game features to take cheating into account.

Again, please look at my idea of preventing server transfer while over-encumbered. That way you wouldn’t be bringing weapons, armor, thralls, workstations and walls for your new base with you. Sure, you could bring your slightly better Siptah weapon and a sack full of gold - but the established clans would probsbly try and take those away from you.

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You have not heard of cooldowns? Very long codowns ?

Why people keep insisting on critizicing about things that are not fully announced. Or with a lot of unknowns?

Funcom has said they will disclose everything when getting near to the release of the feature.

They are very aware of how this can be abused in a pvp environment (pve does not have any issues at all with the transfers) :slight_smile:

I like the idea of traveling to siptah, get items there and travel back. Therefore limiting itemtransfer isn´t a good option. And it doesn´t matter if it is sp, or mp. On the other side I know exactly what will happen when uncontrolled serverhopping gets allowed on pvp servers. It would be mayhem.

Therefore I see only one solution. Bind a server (official and privat) to a Siptah map and let people transfern only between this two maps if they have the Dlc. No transfer/hopping between other servers and this problem is gone.

I also worry strongly about the new Siptah weapons. They are way to overpowered. With a shield amorer and some luck you can get some legion weapons with 120 dmg. That almost doubles the dmg you normally can deal with Exile Lands weapons. I wonder if somebody at Funcom is understanding what that means for pvp and weapon balancing in general.

You’re confusing cheaters with hackers. Just because someone used a 3rd party program doesn’t make them a hacker.
A hacker is someone with very advanced knowledge in how IT security systems work and can get access to your bank accounts, personal information, etc . A hacker can place Cryptolocker ransomware on your files and do some serious damage to your PC.
A cheater is a person who downloads a 3rd party software to gain an advantage in video games.
If you’re not very knowledgeable in these things, please stop using these words. You only embarrassing yourself.

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Both types are the same types of bad and none of them belong in the game !

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The thing is, we don’t have hackers in Conan Exiles. At most, just some cheaters who know how to use google.

Yeah I guess everyone is wrong to call them “wall hacks” “speed hacks” and other such things as aimbot “hacks” Everyone is wrong except you. I think you need to educate yourself that words can have different meanings. I’m sure in 10 years you’ll get there :^)


This is really confusing to me. It’s like you’re trying to pretend that the word hasn’t been used for decades to describe people using third party tools to cheat in video games. Hell, I’ve used it exactly the way he used it more than 20 years ago in EverQuest. If you’re trying to limit how people use the word you’re a tad late to the party.