Server transferring with items is a huge mistake

I’m sure most people are aware of the chaos that went down on official server 1963 recently since there was 10 or so threads about it.

A large group of players (10-15) were using multiple hacks (Speed hacking, a range hack allowing them to hit you from 20 foundations away and being able to loot locked vaults) , ddosing the server, crashing it at will, duping and of course spamming foundations everywhere.

This group of players have been on multiple servers not just 1963. Allowing transfers with items in your inventory will now let them go from server to server killing all the servers they come across and they wont even need to farm. I’m sure they have enough body vaults across their previous servers.

Zendesk just doesn’t ban these players enough to stop them. A few of the clans players were banned half the time it wasn’t even the ones hacking that got banned. and it didnt matter because they just hopped on new accounts and rejoined their clan.

Speaking of body vaults. Think of how many body vaults there are on officials just loaded down with duped items from previous duping exploits to the current ones available right now. People will be able to combine their loot from multiple servers and use it to ruin the flow of official servers.

in short. Allowing items to be transferred with your character is an awful idea and needs to be reconsidered.

Most people won’t care since it’s official servers but official servers are the servers funcom provide for players to play their game they created on and they should be looked after more.

P.s Revert the ambrosia nerf.


i agree, Ark all over again


To deal with exploit, is when the character transfers, the prior server character inventory of items is cleared.

This is what Amunet Server Transfer mod does in order to avoid exploits. The previous server you were on, you are now completely naked and dead.

Yes, I am sure there is always a loophole somewhere that someone will exploit when they find it. I am sure this type of exploit will be a bigger issue for PvP servers than any other type so I am sure PvP servers be watching this issue closely. Not to say duping did not happen before since its known to happen on a PvE-C server in the past and I am sure other servers as well.

The reason character transfers would want inventory to transfer with them is to connect Exiled Lands and Siptah maps as one or the transfers are pretty much useless otherwise. Why transfer if its basically starting over. Might as well make a new character. Leveling to 60 now takes roughly 2 days to a week (depending on the player of course).

So if they make transfers that work and deal with the potential exploit, I am sure most people would be in favor of that.

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Exactly. I thought this server transfer thing was just going to be a CE to Siptah and back to the same CE server thing. Making it a transfer to any equal server WITH inventory is going to be a cheaters Christmas present.


Tbh it what Ark did and personally I see it becoming a thing in CE.
The biggest part of CE community are pve/solo and rp servers. This parts will love full backpack transfer and will have almost 0 problems with it.
Meanwhile pvp…well get one clan willing to cheat and wipe servers and you will have orginal ide of Funcom’s Purge mechanics.Bunch of ppl from lands beyond green wall (other servers) coming to EL/Siptah to destroy everyone and everything there, and will be several clans like that.
Funcom will be unable to ban them in time and we will have a wasteland on officials.


That makes sense even if they are not cheating (no exploits) in regards to PvP servers since they could come and attack a server with impunity and then leave when done. Granted that has happened before without transfers but this could/would speed the process.

Personally, other than they make no inventory beside gear on hand transfer in PvP servers which could level that issue for more balance playing field for PvPers. This is the only suggestion I could think of for PvP since you have a different dynamic of play style to deal with.

Well they need to rethink it. It is not like we are al going to quit playing if we cannot transfer to another server.
I have an Avatar on a Siptah PVE-C server that looks exactly like the one on the CE server i play on.
I just don’t like playing two separate games. It has nothing to do with RP or feats etc.

I just wanted to go to Siptah with my main CE avatar. Sounds like FC is about to open a Pandoras box.


Yeah they will.
Imho they should at least remove Siptah–>Exiled Lands transfer.

I’m so sick and tired of pvpers ruining this game. Just let pvpers eat each others alive with their exploiters, abusers, and what ever. I’m so tired of this game getting hit with a nerf bat and anti fun missiles because of pvpers.


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Bro wtf is wrong with you, this game isn’t exclusive to pvpers. If you want a game built and designed around pvpers go play call of duty. I’m on PvE-Conflict and all i want to do is build and own all the decorative items in game to make a mmorpg city. Not only that but when someone disagrees with you you go overboard with your anger and tell people they are furry pedo’s? You’re mentally unstable bruh. What a sociopath.


when this game was first advertised in 2017 for early access it was advertised as a pvp game.


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I’m not saying you’re wrong and you’re probably right, but when i saw it on steam i saw it as a survival game. With the survival genre being mostly pve and yes i know almost every survival game has pvp in it too. But having all these nerfs and removals from the game purely because of the pvpers is upsetting. Like i tried to find a stability solution for my roof and there was only one thing that worked till it was nerfed due to exploiting and abuse on pvp servers. Horse combat which i love fighting bosses on is getting nerfed because of pvpers. I wanted to be a archer main but it got nerfed because of abuse in pvp servers. Healing is always getting nerfed all the time because of pvpers. Isle of siptah was designed with the pvp playerbase in mind and half the community didn’t like it.


Bruh i’m on #1941 Official PvE-Conflict Server i dont use private servers, i dont own any and every time a change is introduced to the game like horse combat nerfs it effects the entire game and not just pvp servers. You obviously have difficulty reading with the sheer amount of rage you got going there.


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In the eyes of funcom we’re both paying customers who both have an equal value in say. You can disagree, name call, and assault people all you want, it will not help you but make yourself look worse to everyone around you. I say let the servers transfer between exile lands and isle of siptah freely. If it becomes unavailable to only pvp servers thats fine. You guys can enjoy the less content but when it comes to pve-conflict and pve servers dont spread your horrible ideas to those areas.


It is not the players fault.
FC could make separate rule sets on different servers, but they are too lazy.
I do not blame PVP players for the nerfs, I blame FC for their lazy attitude towards programming and patching.


Thats why i’m getting frustrated with how pvpers come to these forums and demand these changes. Because I know its not just going to affect pvp exclusive servers its going to affect the entire game. So I wish to voice my opinion on disagreeing with the limitations that pvpers want so i can fulfill my wishes on my server. If Funcom did make rule sets exclusive between each server type i wouldn’t even have to ever touch a pvp thread topic knowing my servers would be safe from what ever changes they would want.

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Realistically, FC nerfs a lot of things that are rarely complained about.
How many posts do you recall seeing on Ambrosia being too OP?
I don’t recall ANY, yet FC, like a bull in a china shop, jumps in with a nerf.