Server transferring with items is a huge mistake

When you look how different the economies are between the two maps, transferring inventories would change the game completely.

I think the best way for funcom to deal with this is to make PvP servers have a particular rule set. Horse combat disabled or nerfed, archers / archer thralls nerfed, healing mega nerfed, what ever the community wants to nerf, just nerf it into the ground till its basically stick and stones. While the pvp servers eat each other alive by being barbaric the pve-conflict and pve servers can relax and truely enjoy the game without worrying about heal nerfs, combat nerfs, or what ever. I read a post here somewhere awhile back saying if you want the best pvp experience for conan go with a private server. If you just want to pve official servers are great for that too.

Based on the comments I read above, it appears the biggest issue is duping and ruining a server.

Both issues, I am sure is worst for PvP servers since they need the game to fair as possible.

PvE type servers, while they would be effected by it, most likely would not notice the issue unless it was a griefer/troll who made people lives miserable. I could be wrong on this assessment. A player that switched servers with items or a player who returned and had his entire inventory on him will amount the same result, where a player will suddenly have a structure built immediately in a non-low level area. (Granted new players could do the same by just going and building in a hard area initially, which my clan did when Siptah came out). PvE type players will only probably switch back and forth between Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah. Some might switch to a new server since they do not like the one they are on, but otherwise, most PvE players will not go hopping server to server for no reason.

PvP I can see players hopping server to server to look for fights (in a good way). Today, one server is lacking players to fight so you switch to another server just to pvp against other players. I can see that happening often.

The issue for PvP is the raiding issue of bases with player hopping. That I am sure will be totally unfair for players have to defend against players who do not have a base or care about the server they pop on. So PvP servers, the transfer mechanism will have more ratifications than a PvE-C and PvE servers that I play on.

As I suggested before, putting limits for players transferring for PvP to PvP servers would make sense to me. For the other servers, this would not make as much sense, since on the most part, who cares he took his entire inventory and moved from 2000 to 2500 servers (fake server numbers).

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PvE/RP can have their item transfers, just disable that on pvp. PVP already struggles in this game, I often have to go to european servers to find players and I’m stick at 300 ping the whole time. Item transfers would wipe everything that is left.

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I don’t disagree that different rulesets for different modes could be a good idea (but you can already tweak damage/hp/etc in server settings so I doubt they’ll do it), but I find it kind of hilarious that (most) pve players are so hard against any kind of difficulty in the game.

For pve most nerfs only make a difference of “will it take me 2 or ½ minutes to kill a boss”

Only real difference is the healing changes any imo running in circles around bosses/mobs while healing is lame. I welcome the change. If you play with a thrall it makes almost no difference anyway (it doesn’t matter if you have to stand still to heal when your thrall is tanking anyway).

The balance of PvP and PvE is always hard (ESO for example, runs into that issue all the time). The way games are built regarding this, there is no easy options which won’t effect the other at this point. I always thought PvP/PvE games should have different tables for the effects of skills and such. Would make the game more complex behind the scenes, but the tug of war between the two groups will go away (on the most part). Its unlikely, that CE or even ESO would revamp the entire game to make that work, so we have to live with compromises of changes of the game for the better of the game as a whole which may not please one side or the other.

So when making suggestions, expect some negative feedback and expect things will not go your way. Try to think of suggestions that may work for most. This is really the first game I do not PvP but I try to understand their point of view in these types of discussions.

Lets make CE a better game for all. :smile:

Yeah and I don’t mind the PVE side. I just don’t get why PVE players want it so easy. It’s already easy.

PVP players do tons of PVE. When a PVE player get one BIS axe or whatever he’s set cos he can’t lose it (under normal circumstances). Most PVP players will get 3+ because they will lose some of them (often way more because you share with your clan). We do understand how PVE works and how buffs/nerfs effect it. TBH most buffs/nerfs effect it very little. It’s only a matter of TTK.

I think on the PvE side, players keep seeing things change in the negative direction for them so they tend to get upset. No one in any game likes a nerf. Tweaking, I think most are fine with, but typically games make drastic changes which feels like a nerf even if its appropriate.

I personally agree with horses were over powered. Not saying the way they changed was the best. I always thought that there should be a way to de-horse a player should been a mechanic. I did not realize being on a horse was x2 damage previously. I can see why my friend always yelled at me (nicely though) that I fought on the ground while he fought on horseback all the time.

Changes in healing made sense to me since it probably was over-powered previously.

Food changes which do not heal players much anymore may be good in concept, but at the moment (I know this still a work in progress) needs some fixes. Complex food recipes give no bang for the buck. I was thinking they should give a buff if they do not heal beyond sate.

I will forego continuing.

Let’s be honest.
Everything on pvp side is more crutial.
You won’t lose anything on a pve/pve-c server if somwthing is imbalanced.
On the other hand, if something is imbalanced on pvp, everything is screwed because people Will exploit this, Will abuse, will turn into meta or anything else.

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No disagreement there, especially they make changes for all.

tbh i want things to be easier because grinding fragments of power is a pain, so nerfing horses nerfs how i fight bosses by myself which means it makes it harder gaining fragments of power. If there was a easier way to gain fragments of powers without killing some boss with some huge large health pool i wouldn’t mind damage nerfs here and there.

I think the idea of being able to transfer your character is great. However it should stop at just your character. No items. If your max level it won’t take but an hour or so to farm up some decent gear to get on your way. Transfer of items is not going to end well.

People would want to transfer back and forth between Siptah and Exiled Lands so this transfer will be useless if you transfer naked. This way, there is no need to make sure each map had all the recipes and such that the other map has anymore. Siptah’s Exiled Land recipes will be gotten on Exiled lands and visa versa to avoid all this random drop of recipes on Siptah.

If PvP servers only transfer worn gear and hotkey stuff, that should be fine since it would limit the transfer issues by a large margin. Also if they make sure you can not dupe items due to transfer, that will be very important.

As with Amunets Server Transfer mod, they should make placed followers will not be able to transfer.

This should resolve most issues with PvP servers.

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Lol dude. So fill my hot bar with bombs and explosive arrows respec for raiding, a vault ready to place etc and straight into a raid on a new server. How is that a good idea?

Not to mention just bring along a god coin. If they are going to severely restrict what can actually be transferred in all for it, but just limiting to hot key and worn items still leaves a mile of room for exploitation. Off to my quite server to farm up what I need to play on my populated server?? Yuck.

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Plus your recipes stay with your character anyway, so if you have them learnt they will transfer from Siptah to exiles anyway. It’s just the farm for mats that will be avoided.

Then PvP should transfer naked or just the armor on their back, since my suggestions do not seem to work.

For PvE-C and PvE, that will not be a popular option.

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That would work for me at least. I can’t see any issue with transferring whatever ppl want on pve. It doesn’t affect anyone but them. Any transfer between pvp servers as you say should be armour your wearing and nothing more.

Or maybe allow inventory to carry rare loot only. For example, fragments of power or legendary items or khari steel/eldarium or unused (not learned) recipes.

No common items like explosives or hardened bricks or trebs or steel ingots or shaped wood or dragonpowder, or gas orbs, etc.

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I think there should be a new thread just for PvP concerns on this topic that is clear it should be only for PvP to PvP Servers. That way, us PvE types like myself will not clutter your discussion in that matter.

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