Server transfers ruined game

Logged in to clan members, who havent played for a year, having taken years of gear we had to grind for, and just transferring. Too easy to abuse this “feature”. No in or out of game support. This should never have gone live, there was literally no one asking for it. Get rid of empty servers if population is a problem. I only log in once a week to keep base from decaying, like 99% of players, but this crap was a smooth brain garbage decision that’s only there to exploit.


Few people like the current implementation, but that doesn’t mean nobody was asking for a way to travel from server to server. Plenty people wanted that feature.


Sorry you got hosed by your clanmates, but that’s hardly Funcom’s fault. This feature was definitely something people had been wanting. I haven’t used it, so I don’t know exactly how it works. But I know there was plenty of happy players on the forums when the news was announced.


I actually like it…transferring between maps is sort of fun…I bet you could made a hefty bartering clan option doing this


you never visited the forums right???

since you have no idea how this was implemented , and have no knowledge on how this can be abused,…
my comment to you will be, first play the game, and buy siptah. once you have experienced this enough come back and provide feedback, i will be happy to hear ya my friend.


I would like to humbly suggest that game designers should not focus on making their design decisions for people who don’t actually play the game.

I’m not exactly a fan of the way server transfers were implemented, but I can live with it, so I don’t bother complaining. You, on the other hand, are being decisively unconstructive in your feedback.

This is literally false. Searching these forums should provide ample evidence to contradict your statement.


I ammmm a bananaaaaaaa


For what ? If you don’t play, let it decay.


Yeah, but op is upset that ex clan members “stole” gear from them, so op clearly considers said gear to have value.

Not saying I agree with op, as I’m one of those players that’s allowed large bases to decay on several occasions because I can’t be bothered to log in weekly.


What did they end up implementing? Everything that you, a thrall and a mount can carry?

I always thought gear trader should be heavily limited but that never would have been accepted my most of the community that wanted transfers in the first place.

This is the first time I’ve heard of this particular complainant as far as I can remember. Usually when people complain about transfers it’s when someone joins their server with a bunch of stuff and can start raiding before anyone even knows they are there.

Sorry you lost your stuff, that’s a bummer. I’m not really sure that any safeguards could be put in place that would prevent this kind of thing in the future.

It’s pretty important to only clan with people you feel like you can really trust. At least they didn’t break a bunch of rules to get your clan banned

Server transfers had been requested quite a bit, although I think the main thing people wanted was just a way to go to Siptah without losing all their progress

They could only take as much as they can carry under the encumbered limit. The perk for unlimited carry doesn’t work as far as I know.


Them taking all your stuff is not directly the transfers fault. They could have done worse and taken everything and then left clan. they were still playing it seems, and decided since you weren’t they could take the clan loot.


Everything you can carry without being overencumbered. No followers can come with you if you’ve already placed them. Also, if you don’t have clanmates, all your stuff is left without owner and will decay.

Oh, and there are cooldowns.

In short, pretty much nothing like the original “please let us travel between Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah” feature request.


Sounds like those changes were largely to prevent shenanigans with transferring from PvP server to PvP server.

I think most people had in mind that you’d walk through a big stargate like structure. Kinda like the portals in pippi.

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If it was Stargate, I would have hated it and the officials would be trashed with cheese. This is much better…takes real work to figure it all out.

Yeah, And that’s one of the things I thought it would awesome at. Roving bands of Discord warriors server raiding from server to server on weekends sounds like a hoot.

Or even such rival gangs deciding which server to have the ultimate battle on…

Prolly doesn’t fit with a lot PVP’ers current playstyles but it’s what I imagined when I first heard of the idea.

And for PVE’ers I thought it would be about conjoining the maps mainly in order to flesh out the holes in collectables and materials; like recopies, armor, or other materials - ever notice that obsidian is uber rare in IoS? etc. etc. etc.

Oh well, wish in one hand…

You will most likely get more… “stuff” in the other hand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s a pretend portal. One has to pretend they are being magically and divinely transported through time and space to the other lands. Like that thingy in Thor, where you travel on that beam thing. You have to use your IMAGINATION, lol.

i think the big problem in the transfer is siptah weapons and armor being op into exile, this makes the game unfair to those who don’t have the DLC and will cause a lot of players to flee!

Fortunately, repair of those weapons requires a T4 blacksmith that can make Legendary Weapon Repair Kits, bringing a buttload of those kits with you when you transfer or bringing a heavy load of Eldarium bars. While not impossible and doable, it does make the encumbrance thing a factor. And yes, they can go back and get more, but that requires a certain amount of coordination within a clan for obvious reasons. I’ve abandoned most of my Eldarium based weapons and tools for Legendary ones I eventually found in the Exiled Lands, with the exception of the Masterful Bow.