Server transfers

You can’t transfer from privates to officials right?


transfers will work in this order:

PVP → PVEC → PVE → Unofficial

Meaning, you can transfer between the same level or to a level below. But not from below to above. Meaning, a PVP player can transfer to another Official PVP server, or to any other mode. An Official server PVE player, on the other hand, can transfer to another PVE Official server or to an unofficial server, but not to an Official PVEC or PVP server.

Right but can you say transfer from a private hosted server to an official? because whats to stop someone from spawning in a full inventory of items then going to an official server lol.

It wasn’t mentioned i don’t think

You can transfer from official to unofficial but you can’t transfer from unofficial to official.
1st post have everything you need to know about how transfer works.

yes, it was mentioned. on the ‘chart’ shown, players can move from left to right, but not right to left.
On Official servers:

  • PvP to PvP is okay.
  • PvP to PvEC is okay.
  • PvEC to PvP is not okay.
  • PvEC to PvEC is okay. etc.

once a player is down to unofficial/private servers, the character cannot be migrated to any official server. Exchanges between private servers depends on server settings to allow or block character transfer.

No mention of private to solo, solo to solo, or solo to private server.

So just to clarify server transfers, I pack up my stuff, move to say a PVE-C Siptah server from a PVE-C CE server, and cant go back? All of my bases decay?
I don’t get it.
I was hoping to just be able to play both maps with one character.

Think they didn’t say anything about how bases and characters will work.

They did not say much actually, other than the transfer limitations.

Yeah. Maybe we will have more info in coming weeks.