Server transfers

Is this ever getting turned back on?

Hopefully not for PVP servers. Or at least we get naked transfers, which sounds best to me.

It made Siptah pay-to-win, and no one likes that :slight_smile:


True but part of the battlepass includes some new pets that you need hyenas for but guess what? You can’t get hyenas in siptah. So dumb

i dont think this is a good idea with actual glitch

while dupe is better…but agreed! in PVP servers transfers should be naked and itemless

Yeah, I agree with it

Yeah, doesnt stop knowledge. Once you learn a recipe you own it and it goes with your character. The veteran will always have an advantage over nubs.

I don’t see that as being terribly easy for them to do. Idk… I just feel like every time a differentiation between PvP and PvE gets brought up and implemented, one of the server types gets affected negatively since they always do the changes across the board. As a PvE player, I’d like nothing more than to see it brought back, but I definitely see the arguments against it on PvP. Hopefully there’s a solution… otherwise I guess it’s adapt or get left behind.

Makes sense. That said, I feel that it would be fair in PVE too. Keep your recipes, keep your levels, but anything you have gets left behind. Keeps siptah in siptah, which is a relatively big deal even for PVE players. PVE-C players would likely also be in favor of this change.

The only thing I can think of as unfair advantage in the Siptah gear, post-3.0, would be gloves of jhil. The new attribute and armor advantages negated most of the Siptah advantages since you can max out stats anymore.

There’s also the siptah dogs which hit like trucks IIRC, as well as the Tcho-Tcho (sp?) followers. The weapons of the great old ones are really really good for how easy they are to get, and siptah has increased zath priest spawns. All of these things are fine, btw. I have no issue with siptah, and really enjoy the map itself. I just don’t want it to come to the exiled lands.

I think you are wrong, I don’t know how many, but most pve players I have talked to about this wish that Siptah would be a true expansion, meaning that you could travel freely between these 2 maps.

That said, I also understand the pvp problems with transfers, so either different setups for different server types or some sort of middle ground that could work for pve/pve-c/pvp.
I actually made a post about in another thread, something like that may never happen, but I can only hope :slight_smile:

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I would be 100% on board with Siptah being a true expansion if it was free. Fact is, compared to Exiled Lands stuff, Siptah stuff is just plain better. Not that it’s a bad thing. I’m all for diversity of gameplay. I just don’t think it’s fair for Exiled Lands players who can’t/don’t want to shell out the 20-ish bucks for the DLC to get shafted in the gameplay department. (Venom infused vs Feroxic, for example)

I haven’t read your thread yet, and will do so when I get the chance. If you change my mind, then I’ll revise my statements.

Edit: I read your post, @Frillen, and I think I’m on board. Offering access to Siptah map for free (But not the flotsam/stormglass building pieces), naked transfers, and allowing easy travel between 2 linked servers. The biggest thing I agree on is naked transfers. The inventory coming with the character on transfer was the biggest issue I had with the transfer system before.


Personally i dont think characters should be naked when transfers are up i just think certain items should be blacklisted so Dragon powder for instance reason PVP servers were getting shafted was because we would find a low pop server, farm for a few days get a bucket load of dp and transfer and raid any base we see fit, that being said, i think eldarium should also be on Exiled lands and the library have a chance to give siptah recipes that way we would see a balancing between the two maps and eventually would like to see the two maps get stitched together, maybe some added lore how an exiled survivor finds a hidden cave in the far reaches of siptah or exiled lands which leads to the other map, but have it so there is a 48 hr cooldown period where you cannot just go back and forth it would make pvp servers more interesting and people would have to calculate how effective their defences are compared to the need of certain resources from the other map. Just my view on things

As a PvEer, I rather enjoy the decor from siptah, as well as some of the gear for RP purposes. I don’t like the idea of blacklisting transfers for siptah at all on PvE to be perfectly honest. I paid for it, I should enjoy the full benefits. That being said, if there’s a way to fix issues with PvP balancing, that’s fine, so long as it stays on PvP. I’m a huge fan of my coup de gras and ghoulish club on EL.

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