Server upgrades?

Are they planned/happening? I’ve lost innumerable thralls I’ve been dragging when an official server bites the dust, and I can add another tier 4 armourer to that list now. I’m really tired of not being able to enjoy my hard work due to issues outside of my control entirely.

I saw the community update recently on steam that the official games servers were changing locations. Am I being hopelessly optimistic in thinking they might be upgrading?

They say they have the best available which is a joke, probably the cheapest ones going, my server even with 2/40 online can turn into a potatoe, AI dont move or attack, doors dont open, Gportal just have very poor servers & I have a good Net plan,they go downhill fast. Just a poor server company used by a very poor developer which I know me an my friends will never buy another game from, too many reasons to list.

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