Server wide disconnections. Becoming unplayable

Server #6444 has been experiencing some “rubber banding” and server wide disconnection from everyone in it at an alarming rate for the last week or so. Here’s the report

I already know the response will be “contact zendesk” and trust me I have - with 0 improvement.

This is a daily occurence and currently - our server has been down for the last 7 hours in total. Several other players are now losing faith that adventuring out is a possibility. We’re constantly dying and losing our gear.

At this point, just raising awareness. But is there someone besides Zendesk that assist. Official servers shouldnt be unplayable to this extent. It wasn’t like this before.

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I’m from the same server and I just tried to log in now and the server isn’t even showing up on the server roster. I’ve also had laggy experiences this week and been witness to at least 2 server crashes this month and this is happening in the night time with less than 20 active players.

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Another server wide kick in the 2 hours its come up.

Sad really

6011 crashes way too much too atm, haven’t had much rubberbanding but I’m experiencing a lot of teleporting from mobs.

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Unable to stay logged in more than 5-10 minutes at a time currently. Constantly maxxing out at 9999 ping and kicking everyone from the server still.

Zen desk has been contacted each time and should have a pretty long paper trail at this point.

With less than a week before the games release, you would think it would at least be playable.

I had this posted previously, and out server 6442 this was happening because of the new building system:

"So here we are.

Me, and a few friends were playing on an official server today, and all of a sudden the server just lagged out multiple times. We were perplexed. So, after some evaluation we came to the conclusion that the new building system is lagging out the server with the “checksum feature” when upgrading a t1 build to a t3 build. We came to this conclusion when we were doing a test tower, and also found out that the higher we build from the land, the more it takes on the server performance to do a check sum. The ping was going from 88 to 1200+ each time there was one upgrade to a piece.

If anyone else can validate this let me know here. Also, if there is already a post on this will you please show me the post for this topic? If not feel free to address your concerns here so Funcom can get a handle on this right now. This was just a couple of us figuring out what caused the problem, well, now imagine if there were like 20 people building high, and what kind of affect that it could have on a server.



@Funcom Please don’t limit people building, and please fix that actual issue. I have seen companies do this. I am not saying that you guys would, but it isn’t hard to see what narrow path that could lead to. Thank you, and I hope this feedback has helped you with your development process in the long run."

No one replied, and it was closed after 7 days. I guess it wasn’t a priority. :man_shrugging:

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I still think reporting to ZenDesk is the way to go. If they receive 10 reports from the same person, it can’t be this bad but if multiple people are reporting the same issue and this issue persists over couple of days and weeks, then there is definitely something wrong. Unfortunately, with their no wipe policy and no limitations, I don’t see official servers becoming any better any time soon.

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6436 has been the same way, going down randomly for hours at a time. Contacting ZenDesk is all fine and dandy, but someone at Funcom should be tracking down this issue actively. It basically makes the game unplayable.

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Hey guys not sure if u realise. But single server instability isnt from funcoms end, they actually dont have terrible servers. It would be 1 person or a group DDossing the server continously. Or if it quick little server Dc’s they are probably duping. Have a look again when it happens it will be timed to either help themselves, or itll be timed to disadvantage somebody else. I have played across 7 official servers and the only time they ever went down was from DDosing and crashing the server on purpose.

Connection issues seemed to have to improved greatly in the last 48 hours. Rubber banding and random server kicks have ceased as well.

Just notating improvements and giving credit where credit is due.

Zendesk also responded stating they would be looking into the situation more closely.

Hopefully this holds out until launch.

@Gavindorff You will probably realise its happening when certain people are on the server, trust me 95% of server dc’s and lag issues/spikes are from ddossers and intentional server crashes by players. Easy way to tell is if ur server at the time is the only one crashing and going to crap. And before people say oh its because of big bases and that, im on a pvp server with probably one of the biggest bases in the whole game

I believe it. I have noticed whenever theres a newcomer to our server we have “coincidentally” have spikes and server wide disconnections.

I would second that if the discussion to why the issues were occurring were to come up.

If this is true I’m very disappointed with people, why would they :confused:

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Nevertheless, the latest server problem is due to the lack of insight they did into the new building feature when faced with checksum properties.

One problem just adds to another, lest cancel the other out? Nah. Funcom fix your product.

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