Server won’t let people join but others can jokn

Does anyone know if there’s a problem with official PvP server 2584? Myself and 3 others get the failed to join message yet the list says it’s up, running, good ping and there’s 5 other people on.

And it’s not like the server crashed or my game crashed. I manually logged off to restart the game and all of a sudden “failed to join requested session” so I messaged other people I usually play with , they try to join and get same message yet the serverlist shows that it’s up and when you search the specific server number it also shows that it the server is up

What are others? Extraterrestrials?

DiggaBaccout, My son Brute765 and MetLeonidas… but I guess since they haven’t come to post here in these…super helpful forums then they must not really exist

You wouldn’t know any of them, they don’t play on the PvE servers

I don’t know you either, and I have 4k+ hours on pvp servers

Was odd. None of us could rejoin until after the server restart the next morning. I had lost all the trebuchets I had built in my base, ok, no biggie. But my friends had a pretty big chinch if their treehouse base destabilize and they lost a lot. Chests, benches(with thralls on them) …

Don’t care.

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