Server xfer moving crate needed

in EQ2 back in the day, we would get a packed up moving crate in our new location. so if we left a house in on zone we would have a crate waiting in the new house with all our belongings. this crate was withdraw only and would poof once empty.

i really think server xfer should either pack up all our blocks, boxes, thralls, animals, and work stations and move them to the destination server on moving day. this crate could just be a menu tab or folder, has no weight and for the clan leader only. we then can find a new location on the server and build, place thralls and animals.

it could also just be shared storage with no weight. once flagged to be moved we could store items. the only special case would be repacking thralls and animals (they may need to be striped of gear when put in this special shared storage). so anyone on the clan can add to the storage, but only remove from it at the destination…

Interesting but I don’t believe they are going to utilize this with the current moves since it’s happening and it’s looking like target completion by the 2nd week of March at most.

For normal server transfers, I don’t know if this is what they want either just because the limited to under 100% encumberance meaning you don’t get to take your base with you if you want to move.

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