[#ServerCategory] # Official servers

Dear devs,

why are you totally ignoring or missing the fact that the most popular private servers are set up with the “No avatars/No gods” setting.

There is absolutely high demand for The “No Avatars” categorie in Official servers.

As you do discuss/consider/implied/tested all other sorts of categories part from this so obvious and community wide wanted choice.

Thanks for your time and please consider, for the good of these thousands of players!

we have player cap 40
clan size cap 10
raid time 17-23

and now No avatar request… muhahahaha -))

Thanks for your substantial contribution.

All’s a matter of taste, and that’s your opinion.
Thousands of others are opposed to your view, keep that in mind, if available.

So it give’s other people the chance to choose what’s to theire liking.