Servers always full , this needs a solution

What solution could be ? Increase the limit of players from 40 to 70?
Put a wait list ?
an Automatic enter when someone exits?

Find a less crowded server? Rent one?

The problem with a server cap increase means an increased server load. This leads to lag and people complaining about performance.

A queue system may work, but how would it handle people who queue up then go play on another server? Also how would it handle people placing fake accounts in the queue?

I invite u to officiall #1149 pvp. I help ppl and can serve Ressources and equipment since our server is not too full.

I wish we had this problem. Spent the past month building up a base on a pvp server… Then our 2 Alpha clans left and server population went from 35+ to a solid 5-7 players.

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Hey Reak - Guess your the new Alpha then :wink:

if u open Steam on the section of servers u can queue to enter the server as soon as there is an space it will auto join u… hope helps :wink:

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Top of steam… click “view” then go down to servers. click favorites, you can then view server info, click auto-retry, it will then try to log you in every 15 secs… sometimes this will take many tries since others might be doing the same thing.

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