Servers and DLC Question

Thinking of hosting a server for a few friends of mine.

The server itself I will assume will have all the DLCs? Or is it based on the admin?

If a player has a DLC that I don’t have as the admin, will they be able to connect to server? Or vice versa, if the players doesn’t have a DLC that the server has, will they be able to play?

Dlc is account based so only players with the dlc will have access to that dlc. No player will require to have the dlc on the server but will be required to have any mods installed if they are on the server.

As admin you will be able to make or spawn in any item from the dlc you own but none of the other dlc even if others on the server own them. Players can trade the items with other players freely but if you don’t own the dlc you won’t be able to repair the item or return it to inventory as with deco.

DLCs offer a few extra items and cosmetics (skins). They do not offer map expansions or extra content thus they have no effect on the server. You can connect to any server and play all the content even without a single DLC. As mentioned if one owns the DLC they can craft the items for the others. You wont be able to fully repair the DLC armors/weapons if you dont own the DLC yourself but you can use repair kits on them.

Consider them supporter packs.

Thanks, this answered my question.

I think you can repair, as on officials if i build in yamatia, my clan mates can repair when necessary.

Only with repair kits. Not fully as they don’t know the feat for the item

Sorry, should have specified…Building pieces can be repaired by anybody. Weapons and armor yes, repair kit only.

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