Servers and Mods focused on survival and cooperation

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Two servers, one on GPortal, and one on VPS hosted shard, running mods focusing on character customization, crafting, economics and cooperative work.

This server and mods are focused on a different aspect of Openworld gameplay. Instead of hitting one another in the face and taking their stuff, take land, take resources, and take money. Dominate the land and make partners, employees and/or serfs. You never truly know someone, until you trade with them !

PvP is enabled, but death is final, even if you are the leader of a Clan. One must be mindful of who and why killing. Specially if one wants to kill someone who are in the Empire good graces. Other details about the mods can be learned at the website:

For general and civil inquiries, please join the discord server.

For general uncivil or passive (even if not so much) aggressive comments, refer to:

Both servers are changed to Isle of Siptah map. I have been playing the Expansion as a regular player using my mods and tweaking several QoL aspects, and now I have completed the 100 leveling, I am tweaking the end game aspects. Several recipes for recurring resources are being added. One of my goals is use any resource that might be accumulating once you reach max level and will not need to make a variety of weapons and armors, usually using only consumables and building.

Some snaps of the new customization gems in use and the props now set to Siptah graphics potential. The tarmac foundations work very nicely with light and graphics enhancements of siptah. The material was underused in the Exiled Lands, giving only the lag, but nothing to show for it.

The building is restricted in the server, and that is not likely to change. Soon there will be more rental places in which players can use already built shelter. Still to work on the same kind of infrastructure in Spitah like the Exile Lands had. Soon there will be “Inns” in Siptah for players to rent rooms and keep their things. For now, the server is just for “seeing things”.

I am also adding some new Worker NPCs to give the recipes, however I still to develop the way in which you get such Workers, as I will not put them into the regular wheel of pain paradigm. They will be acquired by the political and religion system introduced, and most likely deppending on a system of “We will work for Food”, as you will be maintaining them with a standard ration that must be given for their service. Fail to keep them fed and sheltered will result in them going away. They will not be subject of server setup that disable this feature from the regular game. They WILL need to be fed. And this will not be done by Thrall Pot system, as they are not your broken slaves, but free peoples who work for you but answer to the Empire. You will have to deliver them the standard packs personally, and make sure they have enough until you next log in if you will log off. The system is more or less coded but turned off at this time.

Below some of my Screenshots from custom characters made with the gems from the customization mod, and some building done with the building pieces. Also some general screenshots taken while playing in the server.

For updates and information, check the blog:

For updates and alternative download of the modfiles, check this post:

For more info and more customization tips and info, join the discord.

While ESAV Server will still feature Building Restriction and Final Death, the mod itself will allow admins to setup how it works in their servers. This will not be done by server setup files or configuration, but a rather whimsical way inside the game.

The “Powerful Statues” when placed will determine the Mod’s configuration.

The mod:

The statue for final death to be set:

The statue for building to be restricted:

They are bigger and color distinct from the ones regularly used by players as religious buildings of the Empire Religion, and will be Admin Only.

I will start to put a line in all posts saying “#myconanexilesworksfine

The mods and the server will be updated to last version of the database.
The last version of the Empire and Respvblik buildings will be added, any other building not from authorized Empire Builders will be removed.

The ports will be added but still no ship will be working in there yet. Time to stop works and wait the major updates to take place.

Decorating the concrete building a little more.

At the cliff outpost, the new food plate up for grabs. lol