Servers are broken cauze of some locationclaimer

I would like to play on one of the pve conflict servers. But there are some players who purposely build walls everywhere. from the start location to the north everywhere oO

like this

First off, stop eating rotten food you animal.

Second off, does PVE stop explosives from working?

Mate… I have a FrakkArsch just like yours on my server…

It’s infuriating. Leads all the way up north, where we intercepted his krap.

Only ones capable of stopping this sort of madness is Funcom.

Because if that crazy Frakkhead keeps spreading like cancer, I won’t have a choice but to encapsulate that guy in a membrane of crenelated fence foundations.

Funcom intended this game to be PvP - it’s pretty obvious from the design. I don’t think unmoderated PvE is ever going to work.

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lol they do this on Ark too. People spam stone pillars everywhere on the beaches to prevent new players from starting bases anywhere. They think it’s their right because they were there first. That’s one of the main reasons I stopped playing Ark. Ark Devs don’t do anything about it, I doubt Funcom will either.

That’s one nice thing about Conan at least. The area is much bigger so it seems like it would be impossible to block someone like this.

Nah, we have one guy on our server steadily blocking off Asgarth. My base used to be there, but I lost interest. Some of the other players literally asked me to play just to contain him.

Foresight and public service. Public Maproom Outposts at strategic locations is the difference between total anarchy and civilization. In return I have the utmost respect of all on my server. People would move entire bases from spawn spots, at my behest.

“There can only be peace if one holds close to heart the needs of others.”

                              The Great Dalai Lama

But that’s not what he is doing, he is intentionally walling it in, and I don’t recall a map room

Oh yes, I wasn’t arguing in your griefer’s favor. I was arguing in favor of what you could do for your server to prevent this. He isn’t going to be the last griefer to come to your server.

In my experience, most of the g-portal servers have no active admins, so players are free to RP the idiots they are in real life. When searching for a game, I’d suggest filtering and looking for servers that say “active admins” in the name - it’s not a guarantee, but you’ll probably have better luck than a free for all g-portal server.

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