Servers down or? . waiting for a miracle

Servers down. waiting for a miracle

It isnt down 4 everyone … I cannot load patch informations too, but I found some mates who are i nthe game … a miracle

Same issue for me I was playing fine lost connection now I’m stuck on patch information.

Ok, i tried restarting PC, didnt work, and now I am cleaning the ressources, mabye that helps.

Didnt work, but now it works with starting by the ConanPatcher.exe in ur game folder. Try this

EDIT: now have problems to reach the authentification … sad FC

Tried to relog, but login server still down…

I downloaded a 419 mb patch and now it’s stuck on connecting to the authenication server.

Same here now D=

Now it’s back at downloading patch information :frowning:

And same with Age of Conan account page, says takes too long to respond D=

I’m back in hope everyone else is soon :slight_smile:

Nop, unable to connect with the toon i was in on when the “crash”/“event that caused the disconnect” happened, logged a different toon, ok, but when logging out the problems continue. Unable to connect to authentication server etc.

Launcher is taking a very long time to “download patch info” and to check everything…

After hitting “Start”, the other application is taking a very long time to start aswell.

I guess monday at 16:00 CET will be beginning to look at the problems…

I got back in for all of 30 seconds :frowning:

well, login server stil looses connection. What a pitty for a paid service

Started a thread in Bug Reports, hopful that they dont wait til monday… many peeps work during the week

Well was able to log in for about 15 seconds, then lost connection to server and booted out again :frowning:

Guess there is nothing to do but wait…

Looks like there was some kind of global networking issue that was affecting all sorts of services, including ours.


Thanks for the update Andy.

Can confirm couldn’t log in at all last night

My Patcher is loading slowly that not worth trying log.