Servers full, needs a fix asap :)

I got myself the game a few days ago and the problem is I cannot connect to the servers because it is full(PVP). Now all my stuff will decay… so what is the reason why we “have” to play this game if we can’t even enter our server to play. Start over? I did that on a PVE server and guess what? That server is full as well after I tried to join several times.

Please make it so that only veterans who played a long time on the server gets priority (or atleast level based). New players should go to new servers to make those full servers and so on.

This is the exact same reason why I left Ark survival evolved a few years ago due to poor server perfomance/lag/disconnections/decaying buildings due to that I couldn’t enter/full server etc.

But hey… it’s okay… i’m just 1 person so it doesn’t matter, many more will follow. You should look at Ark survival how it is doing nowadays… it’s pretty dead for the same exact reason. People lose interest in the end if nothing changes.

Not trying to be mean or anything, just pointing out facts :wink:

They already have an afk timer implemented, which they brought in a few weeks after launch when the same issues occured. Other then that, there is nothing that can be done…you just lucked out and picked a very popular server.

The only thing you can do is log on earlier in the day, or spam the connect button and hope for the best.

Feels alot like Wildcard… keep clicking till “hopefully” you might get in the server. I quit Ark survival for the same (and more) reason.

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