Servers issues are intentional

You guys really think they didn’t know this would happen?

They did this on purpose in order to try and promote the purchase of private servers so that you can actually play the game.

Unfortunately, I know almost a dozen people personally who have just opted to return the game instead labeling it as unplayable…which is accurate…and steam has given them their money right back.

I think they will find people are pretty quick to return something when a service is not provided that they pay for as opposed to spending more…

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yep because what every game wants is to have so many more servers than are needed that two weeks after launch 3/4 are empty…

I’ve never encountered a game that on it’s launch day that didn’t have server issues.

They clearly under estimated the number that were going to be needed but also had to balance it out a bit. If people are returning the game because it is “unplayable” I mean come on. If you want to play and get used to the game while servers are having issues play in single player. Some of the group content is more difficult but you get used to the mechanics and the game world and gives you an advantage later on.


Sorry, but losing player is losing players…and returned games are lost money…

They need to fix this fast.

I knew I would find a thread like this, I was just going to post this. Its no coincidence that they are partnered with a server hosting company.

This is why I’m glad I stayed in indy game design instead of work for a company. I couldn’t deal with people like you guys on the regular lol.


only few players will play solo. but you failed to see more then half of the player base is PVP players. who gonna want to play on single player server if they a pvper.

Well being as most “PvPer’s” just run away because they realize they aren’t good enough rather than actually fight it out I’d say most should. Learn to at least fight the NPC’s before they actually attack another player that may actually know what they are doing.

Get to know the weapons, the armour, the map… these are all good things for PvPer’s. Maybe if more were willing to actually play in single player a bit and learn the game they might not all run around attacking people and get owned when they realize that the person they attacked knows how to dodge and manage their stamina.

many of us already been around pvping in Conan for months now. i lived on NA #422 for months with many friends… yes you are right they do have many that don’t know how to pvp. but there is still masses of old players like my self that hasn’t been able to join to play. and many ppl didn’t buy the game for it’s solo playing the game is built around pvp with the base building and such.

He look on the bright side… I planned to play PVE Conflict. Decided to let the servers quiet because as I have 400 hours in the game before launch I can level quick if I want, and I can build almost anywhere as I know the map and how to get around. Then I find out less than 24 hours after launch the play style I wanted is no longer on the official servers really.

In your case PvP players always swarm a server and then as soon as half them realize they suck (or other players are hacking, or they are spamming, or the combat sucks, or insert excuse here they leave) Leaving half the servers empty and that kills the game off. You can’t know who many servers you need at launch. And CE doesn’t allow for Migration for obvious reasons.

You’ve played on 422 great… then you know the game well enough that when they open up servers or the servers clear up you’ll be able to play and do well.

It sucks of course it does it is Launch. That is the whole reason I didn’t rush to get on a server because I knew based on my months of experience that it was going to be laggy and full and difficult to find a server with no sure bet that you’d get on one anyway. It was really obvious that this was going to be the case.

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