Servers look like ghost towns

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It’s a shame Funcom keeps (trying) to fix what is not broken, and at the same time lets the cheaters turn every pvp in to a ghosttown…


I’m not a fan of the changes any mor ethan most in this thread I suspect. But I appreciate they are trying to evolve the game at least. The fact that the way they do it is not to my personal taste is irrelavant, sombody in there is having a go and thats OK by me.

My main concern is that patches hit the server and seem to blow up with several un expected (sic. many get flagged in Testlive and not actioned)

That to my mind is the really discouraging thing, the apparent inabilty to learn from previous BorkenFests

Update 2.1 fixed the issue mostly for consoles to get rid of the recipe clutter in benches.
This is even for PC a nice addition since even I got tired of searching and scrolling. The difference between benches use and balance is questionable though, cause some of them seems obsolete.

Update 2.2 fixed bugs, but didn’t fix any of the clunky boring linear combat I was hoping for.

Update 2.3 would probably add some small changes to Siptah (referring to the producers letter) but not all and gets released anyway < I hope I’m not right about this… it will most likely be a unfinished release fixing the other issues after release I’m afraid.

I have almost 1700 hours playtime in Conan own all the DLC’s but I’m starting to lose hope a little.
All because of I get the feeling they rush updates instead of taking the time, feels like they just leave out important things to just “release something”.

I would prefer them to take more time rather than to release a disappointment anytime.


And i’d love a weekly update to game. Not big updates, small, fixing few things, tweaking few things. That way players will feel like the game is getting any updates. right now we have one big update, X small hotfix, then month, or few months of nothing, so no wonder people stop playing.


Probably one guy with multiple accounts. Yes, the salty tears will flow.

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The problem here is that this isn’t possible for new and complex games anymore along with players demands.
Players consume content much more quicker than the devs can develop.

That’s why almost all MMO’s for example, being a grind fest in the end, so the new content doesn’t get consumed too quickly.

But I agree, maybe monthly updates will be more reasonable and keeps up with players interest.

Iron Harvest. New game. Weekly updates through last year, now they switched to 2-weeks so they can focus more on console version which got strongly postponed due to covid, and new DLC.

If you want, you can do it. All they need is change approach and be more pro-players with their updates. Working on something bigger? Show sneakpeaks! Make hype grow and players will flow on their own. But being silent about any changes, then out of nowhere drop big update and again go silent for few months… that’s bad approach.


An RTS game is much simpler in base, i can’t agree with you on this.
Look at the new survival, open world, building, sandbox games… they all share loads of problems and aren’t that frequent in updates.

There might be a few single player games, or ones with trash gfx that does it, but I don’t care for those.

Are you playing on PC? I do not know where you have seen weekly updates. Weekly Updates ceased around 2018.

Same as now, they were pushing Patches to live Servers that were so broken…

Weekly Updates for a released game? You aren’t right in mind? Sorry i do not want to offend you.

Evolving is not exactly what I call giving up new ideas on Siptah to cut and paste game loops of CE it is becoming.

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You only offend yourself. Idk about you but i see there update every week, briefly documented:

I bought Siptah solely for new experience purpose. If i wanted second original map… i’d just stick to original map. So i highly dislike the course they slowly take.

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Are we speaking about the same game?

Okay, why the hell was the first post in this thread flagged?! There were no insults, no personal attacks, no conspiracy theories, no racism, or anything else offensive or otherwise toxic there.

I have a question for whomever flagged it: do you really prefer it when these people come to other, unrelated threads to spam them with their complaints? Because that’s what your flags achieve. Instead of letting them have a thread where they can at least try to have a civil discussion complaining about the state of the game, you’re giving them reasons to go to other threads and spam them and complain about “censorship”.

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I don’t know, are we? If you misunderstood me then that’s only your problem lol. Maybe read the post you quoted again. Twice just to make sure. :wink:

I came into this thread and first posts were already flagged lol. That was quick i guess?

Well…at least the Link u posted Shows a totally Different game.