Servers not coming up

Game mode: [Online
Pvp on ps4
None of my servers are coming up…im in Oklahoma…i look in favorites…nil…type in the official server number…3586…nil…was playing last night at 2230 before daylight savings was in effect just fine…i see that other servers are coming up fine…starting to make me wonder how good ark is doing this time of year and I’m certain other players are thinking the same thing…

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Servers seem to do a automatic restart around 6 am est.

Edit: 45 minutes after scheduled restart my server remains down , I believe you are right that a large portion of servers have crashed.

Everything seems to be in order again…love the game jus frustrated when I cant even play it…

We’ve been trying to check into the issue.
Are the servers in question available again?

Still unavailable here in California

All right, we’ll check in with Gportal. Thanks for your patience as we investigate and very sorry for the inconvenience.

Just got on my server rented gportal I have been trying a hour and half plus also reset server. I could find servers just not mine . Don’t understand typed in name no go scroll and scroll not happening keep trying typing in server name and it works

After using your report official server option the server I play on returned to working order. That was at about 7:30 am est .

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