Servers not showing since security hotfix

I am having an issue with 1812, 1934, and the 3 private servers we play on. It happened when the first security patch rolled out. If I try to use direct connect, it says my ping is too high, but none of the servers will even pop. I know it’s hot a ping issue, because it’s never happened before, and my ping for the west coast servers is about 30. It’s not a firewall issue, since I get lots of servers pop, including officials where my ping is over 200 (eu). Like I said, this only started after the security patch. Oh, and let’s not forget that I’ve already verified local files. As some folks have mentioned time played…over 3300hrs. never had this issue.

The officials are all PvP, and the privates are a mix

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I’ve had the same thing with servers 1516 and 1518. Been going on for over a week. I hit refresh maybe 50 to 100 times and…MAYBE…my server comes up. No answers. I’ve played since the beginning. I’m about done with the game.

I’m having a similar problem. For the last week or so it shows lost connection to server message everytime I try to log into my private server.

I know of at lease 2 others that are having this issue, so that means there are a lot more who are not looking at the forums, so can we please get some help from the devs?

This still seems to be an ongoing issue for several friends of mine - bumping to keep thread active.

Hey there, could you please elaborate on which servers you’re having issues with post the 02.12.2019 PC Hotfix?

I hate to sound offensive, but I can’t get much more elaborate than telling you that I have trouble with getting officials 1934 and 1812 to come up. As for the private servers, I can direct connect, but they still do not come up in the list. is the private that we use most. It is now on a testlive build, but it was doing the same before it was TL

No offense taken, just required confirmation that you were still having issues with the same servers after the latest hotfix since your post is dated before it, perhaps the question was just poorly worded!

We’ll register the occurrence for the developers to look into, in the meantime please let us know if the following workaround helps, as it has worked for similar issues with the server list:

1-) Run command prompt as administrator
2-) Run command “ipconfig /flushdns” (without quotes)
3-) Run command “netsh int ip reset” (without quotes)
4-) Restart your PC

And I’m still having issues after today’s patch. I’ve spent 20min, so far, hitting refresh, and 1934 still has not come up

And trying to direct connect still gives me the msg that my ping is too high for the server

Same issue with official server PvE-C server 1819. Once in a blue moon this server appears after a long wait, but usually never shows. Actually, this seems to be a problem with all servers.

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