Servers r down?

i am trying to login AFTER the patch that was introduced but i cannot see any official online! is that a thing , or its just me?

Have you tried exiting the game and launching it again?
There is also a “Refresh” button that works sometimes.

pressed refresh and tried sorting things like selecting only officials to appear etc.

haven’t tried the game restart though! ty will try and come back again…

I am sorry there is a “refresh” button? Where?
Also, official servers are down atm, that’s for sure.

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If you left the game and come back normaly work(dont forget update the game) :wink:

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the same on my site (Xbox Game Pass PC). No any official servers on the list.

Tried to refresh and turn on the game again. Still the same.

Anybody has the same problem?

Please help.

what @MENISTHETURK suggested worked for me! had to shut down battle eye before relaunching! but when game launched again ,everything was normal

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I had the same problem :stuck_out_tongue:

In the server browser UI. Ingame, that is. Unfortunately the server browser is terrible and auto-searches with no filter when first opened, a process that can take a loooong time to complete. The refresh button only becomes available at the end of the initial, 5-10 minute long search.

It’s possible allowing you to filter first wouldn’t actually help - depends how it’s put together under the hood - but it’d feel better.

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