Servers removed from the favorites and other whining

Great. About half of my official EL servers have been unfavorited from my list. And since the history or displaying character level in the listing doesn’t work i have to go through all the server numbers that seem familiar. Not a huge deal but seriously, problems after problems.

And why have so many servers, you may ask. Well, as i’ve said before the gameplay is super boring now when you get everything in an instant so the only thing to do is to start new servers with completely different playing styles and attribute setups. The changes have removed all of the challenge that made the game interesting in the past, now it’s a week and done with a server because you overflow with stuff, the world offers no challenge and there’s no need to raid since you already have it all.

And it’s fairly obvious that others get bored as well. On every server i play there’s just a couple of clans though many of them were stacked full when i started. The activity on a server has always varied, but now a server dies faster than ever.

Funcom, please try to understand that you are killing the game with this nonsense. Return back to the old, proper Conan Exiles that kept us invested in 1-2 servers because you had to actually play to achieve things. With these rates and blood crystal shopping it’s so easy to build a huge fortress and have your stashes overflowing with everything that it has zero value anymore. You can just leave it behind and move to another server where you can max level in a day just by chopping wood with a pickaxe if you want to. I know it’s just a game, but when i play i want to feel the achievement and reward of a challenging gameplay. Now it’s just not there anymore.


Spreadsheets are your friend.

Gee what Funcom server is that? Even with 2x harvesting (which expires on 9/11) it’s a grind. That’s why I like the modded servers with permanently higher xp / higher harvesting rates.

There are player-run servers that are actually (intentionally) painful in their xp / harvesting payout. That’s the best part about it, people fine with vanilla can play on official servers, players who want 10x harvesting or 0.1x harvesting can find a player-run server that accommodates.

And what I haven’t read in your post is any talk about community, wanting community, wishing to play with others, none of that. Since that doesn’t seem to be high on your list of issues, just play sandbox mode, gimp your character’s progress however you please, and call it a day.

I would really appreciate also if I could see highlighted all the servers where I created characters. It should be so basic service.

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tried opening the game.ini in the specified folder to check if the server addresses r there so u can refavour them?

Are you on PC or console?

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