Servers transfers?

Interesting and this seems to validate your statement-

Screenshot 2022-10-19 185027

I post this because around this time last year they were numbering about 8k in game around prime time.

I think the highest i saw it at was 28k but the official servers just couldnt handle it.

Well unless you have one of those pesky, actually competent internal testers. But those are rare nowadays (focus groups to maximize milking for not count).


Prior to release of 3.0 we were week on week hitting 12k at prime time. It had been building steadily ever since the server cull, and many improvements were made to the game’s stability and patchedness.

Transfers would definitely help bring the number up, and with the overabundance of stashed goods now, transfers might change the balance a bit on PvP. ETA accidentally hit save by keystroke


I can say this- After the 3.0 patch with an official server of 20+ players - mobs were at a stand still- easy kills for me but boring as F. i believe it was like this before too so it was a server side issue.

You could test…

A robust and competent internal test team, while the company must have the will to act on those reports before publishing. In all possibility the dev team is not alotted sufficient time/resources to fix reported problems before they are released.

None of us can be as… creative… as all of us.
So having a larger test team is necessary if one wants to dig for the most unintended of uses of a feature.


I just want to double up on my feats, I don’t even care to transfer stuff. I don’t mind the inventory coming over but if I have to give it up I would.


If I were to hazard a guess to why they removed the feature of server transfer is because it was causing like 1 out of 3 people to lose their characters during transfer, and requiring customer service to have a larger volume of requests than they should. It was becoming untenable. I don’t know how many people permanently lost their characters, but I think the number was projected to grow at a rate that they found unacceptable.

The alternative to bringing it down and fixing it (which is something many of you tell FC on a daily basis to do for many other issues) was probably preferable to simply adding a message saying, “If you use this feature then you take on all risks associated.”

If they DID decide that Siptah items over on Exiled Lands was a bit unfair for those who didn’t purchase Siptah… well I would give them props for taking that anti-p2w stance. Call me cynical, but I don’t believe that was the reason.


Wait there are those that think that it was? Yeah I agree with the assessment that it was going to be more trouble than worth and as I was transferring a lot I can say that the problems were increasing each time the transfer happened until your character just drops.

The only thing I see is that I am more cynical than you and think the idea of transfers has been tabled and its removal from 3.0 is evidence of this. I will be very surprised to see it come back in 2023 in any form.


still no info regarding transfer… bring it back please

I want to transfer my account in siptah. so i hope he come before i quit the game

Well since this thread is still going- Crom coins to transfer. If the transfer fails - refund Crom coins.

:rofl:- i like it ,straight to the point and simple.

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