Servers unstable after today WB (lags, disconnects)

After todays WB the server Crom has become very unstable for some of us.

No matter where I was I was getting lag spikes from 500ms up to 4800ms - dungeons/raids were almost unplayable.


Moreover there were also servers disconnects (aka “Lost connection to the server…”) in our W1 raid.

Also, some players (including me) werent able to log back into the game after disconnect. All the WBs before were just fine, this one is a big problem for the whole server, not just players on White Sands.

Please, at least restart the server once a week to keep it healthy.

Thank you!


They do those restarts. Rampant red bars are the norm during WB week. It’s especially handy when timing scorpion kills and seed buffs for example.