Set fog to 100 in admin panel, fog is stuck at 100 regardless of what I change it to now

I would have like to use your new but reporting template, but it’s STILL broken and doesn’t copy information to the body once it’s input.

Fog is stuck at 100 in my game and will now change back to default.

Bug report form is STILL broken and can’t be used so here’s my issue in old school format:

I changed the fog to 100 on our server through the admin panel- to see what it looks like, and it’s now stuck and cannot be changed back. I rebooted the server, I reset all settings to default. I restarted the game- NOTHING fixes this. It’s unplayable now.

I looked it up online and all I found was someone with the same issue…. In 2019. So I’m assuming you will just ignore this as well, but due diligence and all that.

Have you tried resting in Gportal site. Some settings seem to work better there. @Rhoeri

Yeah. We reset Gportal. Didn’t fix it.

Unfortunately that’s not a setting I have experimenting with .if you send a ticket to Gportal they respond pretty fast and the help line not so good last try. @Rhoeri

Could I get a screenshot of the setting in the admin panel, and how the game looks? Many thanks!

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I don’t see this as being a Gportal issue. They have no control over how the game looks. I set the fog in the game, not in server settings through Gportal.

Some settings I have used over the years only work or work better in Gportal site as far as them staying after server reset is the reason mentioned it not blaming Gportal. @Rhoeri

There is no setting in Gportal for fog.

The admin panel shows fog at 50, however… if I set it to 0, it reverts back to 50 regardless. So it’s basically always at 50 no matter what.

Here’s a few more. One from south along the river, the other north near the three towers. Note: neither of these were taken during a sandstorm.


When I a have chance will go offline and and test afraid to try on one of our server’s

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for the additional information and images. We will proceed with our investigation.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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