Set Shrine missing after upgrade

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as stated , i upgraded my set shrine from t2 too t3 and now it is missing, rebooted the game a few times and nothing , anyway too get it back ?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.upgrade set shrine from t2 too t3
2.wait for it too finish and vanish


Unfortunately, known issue, reported countless times, that the devs seem to simply ignore.
The Seth altar changes in dimension from T2 to T3, if there is not enough room, especially in the back side of the altar, it simply disappear in the process, as the system judges there is not enough space to place the bigger T3 version.
I am sorry to say, your altar is gone for good.

Same thing happened to me twice with heaps of room behind it. I figured out that I was doing it myself. I kept running back over to check it’s progress and both times I stood at the shrine with its inventory up so I could watch the last bit tick over. No shrine just a little loot bag with zeal that I couldn’t move anyway :joy::joy::disappointed_relieved: I left it right alone on my third attempt and it worked fine. I think by being close enough to interact with it I somehow got in its collision boundary preventing the game from placing the new shrine.

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